City: Tulsa
State: OK
Fav. Band: Pearl Jam
Fav. Song: When the Levee Breaks
Fav. Concert: Korn/Rob Zombie
Fav. Drink: Long Island Ice Tea
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special? Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma? What you love most about Rocklahoma?

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 22, 1992.  At the age of four, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Growing up in Michigan was always fun, especially when we would go to the lake with my fathers’ boat.  I would always go tubing and even attempted fishing several times.  While at home, I would always help my mother around the house, or spy on my older brothers when they had their friends over.  My family was also big into hockey; we would always go to the hockey games.   By age 13, it was back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for my parents and me.  My twin brothers stayed behind in Grand Rapids with their friends and jobs.  My other brother went into Navy Intelligence.  Finishing middle school and high school was rather tough as far as making friends go, without having my brothers around.  I became very shy and it was difficult for me to approach people.  I became friends with my Mom, aunt, and their girlfriends.  Then, there was my Uncle Tim.  We had become best friends.  He always took me out to entertain me.  We would go out for cruises in his car, play tennis, go to Josh’s Sno Cone Shack, and go four-wheeling out at his farm.  I have so many wonderful memories with the experiences I’ve had with my uncle and my family growing up.  After graduating high school, I started to branch out and make friends.  I started college at Tulsa Community College, and am currently attending Oklahoma State University at the Tulsa campus studying marketing and sports management.  I’ve been involved in the hockey community in Tulsa since fall of 2010.I started by volunteering with the junior hockey team performing merchandise sales during their home games. Prior to the next hockey season, I became a Tulsa Oilers Ice Girl, and just finished my third season.  Due to my love of hockey, I hope to one day work for the NHL in a management position.    I have many ambitions for a wonderful life ahead; however, at this point in time my greatest ambition is to become Miss Rocklahoma 2014.

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